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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill the slip trailer bag?

Fill a washing-up liquid bottle with the slip of your choice. Slide the slip trailer barrel out from its black rubber bung, then fill up the latex slip trailer bag almost to the top with slip from your bottle. Squeeze the bag gently till the slip expels all of the air from the bag, while you reinsert the barrel. Twist the stainless steel tip of your choice onto the barrel, and decorate.

Does the slip trailer splutter and spit?

No, because you expel air from the latex bag when filling (see above), you get no spluttering or spitting.  Because the latex bag is soft, it self-seals and cannot draw air back down into the bag through the tip.

How do I change the stainless steel tips?

A simple twist to the left will unlock the tip. To tighten, turn to the right. All the tips have the same collar size, so fit snugly onto the slip trailer barrel.

If the stainless steel tips get blocked how do I clear them?

There are 3 cleaning pins and a high-pressure water flushing syringe included with The Mark Dally Slip Trailer©.

Twist off the blocked tip and immerse in water.  Fill the flushing syringe with water, insert into tip collar, and force the plunger down hard; the jet of water will flush out any blockage in the tip. If this does not work after a couple of tries, use the cleaning pins. The smaller tips can become blocked more easily, so push the fine or superfine cleaning pin down the end of the tip's tube to dislodge any blockage. Follow with a syringe flush of water. Typically, the larger tips only need a flush of water from the syringe.

It has taken me 15 years working as a ceramic artist to design and perfect what, I think, is the best slip trailer you can use.  The Mark Dally Slip Trailer© is lightweight and comfortable, making slip trailer decorating easy and fluid.

The Mark Dally Slip Trailer ©

The flexible, soft latex slip trailer bag moulds to your hand, giving you sensitive and fine control over slip and glaze application without strain.  The 12 tips allow for a very wide range of line thicknesses, all easily cleaned with the corresponding cleaning tools.


Latex slip trailer bag with rubber bung and removable barrel.

12 interchangeable precision stainless steel tips in a wide range of gauges.

High-pressure water flushing syringe for stainless steel tip cleaning.

3 cleaning pins in a range of gauges for cleaning stainless steel tips.

Sealing end cap for slip trailer barrel to prevent slip from drying out between decorating sessions.

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